What to Wear to a Funeral Men: 7 Stylish Outfit Ideas 2024

Pay your respects with dignity and style with “What to Wear to a Funeral Men: 7 Stylish Outfit Ideas,” where we guide you through tasteful and appropriate attire for a solemn occasion.

Find the balance between respectfulness and modern elegance with these seven curated ensembles that will help you honor the memory of a loved one with grace.

What to Wear to a Funeral Men?

A somber man in dark suit and tie, standing with head bowed, surrounded by others in similar attire at a funeral service

Selecting the Right Suit

Your go-to option for a funeral is a well-fitted suit. Aim for darker hues such as:

  • Black suit: The most traditional and conservative choice.
  • Dark navy or dark grey: Acceptable alternatives to black.

Ensure that it’s clean and pressed. Every detail counts, so check for any lint or hair. Avoid suits with loud patterns or bright colors as they are not in line with funeral etiquette.

Choosing Shirts and Ties

Pair your suit with a crisp, plain white shirt. It’s the safest and most appropriate option for this occasion. Your tie should also be conservative, ideally solid or with a subtle pattern. Stick to colors that complement your suit:

  • Black
  • Dark grey
  • Somber tones

A simple, unadorned look is key, so ensure that your shirt is buttoned up, and your tie is neatly knotted.

Accessorizing and Footwear Choices

A pair of polished black dress shoes sits next to a dark suit and tie, with a somber black tie pin and a simple black leather belt laid out on a wooden dresser

Appropriate Shoes

When it comes to your feet, classic dress shoes are the way to go. Here’s a quick guide:

  • Black dress shoes: They are a fail-safe choice. Ensure they’re polished to a shine.
  • Avoid casual footwear: This includes sneakers and flip-flops. They’re considered informal and disrespectful for such an occasion.

Accessorizing Appropriately

For accessories, the key is sophistication and subtlety:

  • Tie: A simple necktie or black tie is essential. It symbolizes elegance.
  • Bow Tie: Less common than a necktie but acceptable if it’s in a dark, solid color.
  • Pocket Square: A clean, white pocket square adds a touch of respectfulness. Keep it simple with a straight fold.

Respecting Funeral Etiquette

A man in a dark suit and tie, standing solemnly with head bowed at a funeral. Other mourners are similarly dressed in respectful attire

Colors and Patterns to Avoid

  • Bright Colors: Steer clear of vibrant and flashy hues. Opt for somber, dark tones instead.

    • What Not to Wear: Red, orange, bright yellow, and other attention-grabbing colors.
    • Shirts: A black shirt is appropriate, though a white dress shirt remains the most conservative and traditional choice.
  • Patterns: Simplicity is key.

    • Avoid bold patterns. Stick to subtle or solid patterns that don’t distract.

Weather Considerations and Outerwear

  • Beach or Outdoor Services: Dress appropriately for the location while maintaining a respectful appearance.

    • A lighter dress coat or suit may be suitable if you’re by the beach, but ensure it is conservative in style and color.
  • Cold Weather: Choose your outerwear wisely.

    • An overcoat in a dark color keeps you warm and aligns with the respectful tone of the event.
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