What to Do Easter Weekend 2024: Fun Activities for the Whole Family

I’ve taken pleasure in answering the inquiry about what to do over the Easter weekend, offering you a thoughtfully curated list of activities to celebrate this season of renewal with joy and togetherness.

Key Takeaways

  • Easter weekend is an opportunity to engage in spring festivities.
  • Varied activities offer something for everyone during this period.
  • It’s a time to create memories with friends and family.

Easter Weekend Celebrations

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Easter weekend is a time of joy and celebration, marked by colorful parades, family-friendly activities, and scrumptious food that brings people together. Below, I’ve highlighted some of the best ways to indulge in the festive spirit.

Easter Parades and Festivals

New York City’s famous Easter Parade and Bonnet Festival on Fifth Ave is a sight to behold. People showcase their creativity through vibrant and whimsical bonnets. If you’re in Texas, Easter festivals embody a delightful German tradition with music, dance, and plenty of cheer.

Egg-citing Hunts and Activities

Children and adults alike can experience the thrill of an Easter egg hunt, searching for hidden treasures during local events. The NYSOM Easter Eggstravaganza is a fantastic family event that often includes face painting and games alongside the hunt. Meanwhile, at home, my family enjoys setting up an Eggstravaganza with colorful Peeps and baskets full of eggs to find.

Brunch and Culinary Delights

Easter is not complete without a delicious Easter brunch. I like to start the day by sipping on mimosas and enjoying a leisurely meal, whether at a local eatery offering special Easter brunches or aboard an Easter Brunch Cruise. And, of course, chocolate bunnies and treats are always on my menu!

Scenic Spots and Events

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Easter weekend is a beautiful opportunity to explore vibrant floral displays and attend unique celebrations. From blossoming gardens to festive city events, there’s an array of sights and happenings that perfectly capture the essence of spring.

Floral and Garden Attractions

New York Botanical Garden: The orchid show is a spectacular display of color and beauty, showcasing a wide variety of orchids in full bloom. It’s a feast for the eyes and a must-visit for any flower enthusiast.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden: I find that the cherry blossoms here are an unforgettable sight. The garden’s blossoms create a pink and white canopy that’s perfect for a leisurely stroll or a picturesque picnic.

  • Central Park: Central Park is always a favorite, and it offers scenic beauty with its flowering trees and spring blooms. It’s ideal for a walk or a lazy afternoon soaking in the views.
  • High Line: The tulips along the High Line add a splash of color to the elevated park’s industrial charm. Plus, I love the unique perspective it offers of the city’s streets.

Weekend Getaways and Special Events

There are lots of Easter Holiday destinations in the USA:

Charleston, SC: For a memorable Easter weekend getaway, Charleston’s blooming gardens and Southern charm are hard to beat. I especially enjoy their Lowcountry brunch, which is complete with savory dishes and, of course, Bloody Marys.

  • Fredericksburg, TX: A visit to this quaint town combines German heritage and Texas hospitality, making it a cozy spot for Easter. The wildflowers in the surrounding Hill Country are simply breathtaking.

Fifth Avenue, New York: The Easter Bonnet Festival on Fifth Avenue is a quirky and vibrant parade that I find utterly charming. It’s a place where creativity shines, and you can see some of the most elaborate bonnets paired with equally festive Easter outfits.

  • The Standard, High Line: For those staying in New York, The Standard, High Line offers an Easter treat with panoramic skyline views and an ambiance that makes Easter weekend candy seem even sweeter.

FAQ – What to Do Easter Weekend

What are traditional religious activities for Easter weekend?

Traditional activities include attending Good Friday services, participating in Easter Vigil on Saturday night, and joining Easter Sunday services. Many also engage in Stations of the Cross or special community prayers.

How can I celebrate Easter with kids?

Popular activities for children include Easter egg hunts, crafting Easter decorations, dyeing Easter eggs, and participating in community events like parades or festivals.

What are some outdoor activities suitable for Easter weekend?

Spring-related outdoor activities like picnics in the park, family hikes, gardening, or visiting a botanical garden are perfect for enjoying the warmer weather and nature’s renewal.

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