13 Great Girls Easter Dress Trends 2024: Styles for Your Little One

Searching for the ideal Easter dress for girls? Easter represents a season of lively festivities and the tradition of dressing in your best, yet finding that perfect dress can be both thrilling and daunting. The quest isn’t solely about fashion; it’s equally important to consider comfort and suitability for activities such as Easter egg hunts.

When shopping for a girl’s Easter dress, consider factors like fit, weather, fabric, and style to ensure a successful choice. Our recommendations combine the latest trends with timeless elements to help you find a beautiful, comfortable dress that brings joy to Easter festivities. Let’s discover the perfect Easter dress together!

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Top Girls Easter Dress

1. The Children’s Place Easter Dress

Girls Easter Dress1

We think this dress is a delightful choice for any girl’s Easter celebration due to its charming design and comfortable fabric.

✅ Charming print perfect for Easter

✅ Comfortable fabric blend for all-day wear

✅ Easy to care for with machine washability

❌ Limited size availability

The Children’s Place Short Sleeve Fashion Skater Dress is beautifully adorned with Easter bunnies and eggs, capturing the holiday spirit in a playful fashion. The soft color palette is ideal for spring, and the skater design makes it a stylish addition to any young girl’s wardrobe. With a 4.6 rating, it has quite favorably impressed customers.

Crafted with a blended cotton and polyester fabric, the dress offers durability and comfort. Its machine-washable nature adds practicality, ensuring it can withstand the energy and spills often accompanying children’s activities. This feature is especially appreciated by parents looking for easy-care clothing options.

While the dress comes highly recommended for its overall style and comfort, it’s important to consider sizing and individual preferences. Not every pattern will align with every child’s tastes, and with sizes that might vary based on body type, it’s worth taking a closer look at the measurements provided. Some might find the selection wanting if larger sizes are needed.

2. Touch of Nature Dress Set

Girls Easter Dress2

We think this adorable set is a fantastic choice for your little one’s Easter celebrations due to its softness and sustainable fabric.

✅ Made with 100% organic cotton for superior comfort

✅ Includes both dress and cardigan for versatile weather adaptation

✅ Vibrant colors and prints that are great for Easter

❌ Made with 100% organic cotton for superior comfort

This delicate Touched by Nature set brings together comfort and style, making it a natural hit for Easter festivities. The 100% organic cotton fabric ensures the dress is gentle on sensitive skin, which is a top priority for us when choosing attire for the little ones.

Flexibility is key in children’s clothing, and this outfit delivers. The accompanying cardigan can address the ebb and flow of springtime temperatures, ensuring your child stays snug during cooler moments.

Our little trendsetters deserve to shine, especially on special occasions. Each piece in this set boasts cheerful prints and hues that echo the joyful spirit of Easter, sure to draw compliments during any egg hunt or family gathering.

Although we find this set to be quite fetching, we would be remiss not to note that you might need to finesse the neck opening for a comfortable fit. Keep in mind, the dress is specifically for infants, and as they swiftly grow, the duration it can be worn is finite. When it comes to playtime, the refined cotton might not endure the most adventurous of escapades, but it’s a charming choice for a day of celebration.

3. Flofallzique Peach Tulle Dress

Girls Easter Dress3

For those seeking a charming and comfortable dress for their girl’s festive occasions, the Flofallzique Peach Tulle Dress is a delightful choice.

✅ Breathable fabric suitable for warm weather

✅ True to size for a perfect fit

✅ Aesthetically pleasing with a floral summer design

❌ The color might be less vibrant in person

The Flofallzique Peach Tulle Dress, with its floral bodice and tulle skirt, offers elegance and comfort for Easter. The cotton fabric is skin-friendly, and its machine-washable nature adds practicality.

While it generally fits true to size, some have noted a snug chest fit and slipping straps. Overall, it’s a practical and stylish choice for special occasions, ensuring any girl feels like a princess.

4. Funnycokid Easter Rabbits Dress

Girls Easter Dress4

We think this dress is a charming choice for Easter celebrations, brimming with a fun mermaid and rabbit design perfect for the playful spirit in every girl.

✅ Playful design with mermaid and Easter rabbit theme

✅ Machine washable for easy care

✅ Available in sizes to fit girls 4-13 years old

❌ Sourced from China, which may concern some buyers

The Funnycokid Girls Mermaid Dress, adorned with mermaids and Easter rabbits, is perfect for spring festivities with its vibrant colors and sleeveless design. It’s machine-washable for easy care and offers a wide size range for girls aged 4 to 13, featuring a convenient pull-on closure.

While its polyester fabric and Chinese manufacture might be drawbacks for some, its durability and ease of maintenance make it a practical choice for Easter celebrations.

5. Mud Kingdom Cute Bunny Dress

Girls Easter Dress5

If you’re looking for a charming and comfortable Easter dress for your little girl, this Mud Kingdom dress could be a delightful pick.

✅ Perfect for special occasions or everyday wear.

✅ Breathable cotton

✅ Machine washable for easy cleaning

❌ Sizing may run small, so consider ordering a size up.

We always consider the design and material before settling on the right Easter dress. The Mud Kingdom Little Girls Dress sports a whimsical print that’s bound to captivate a child’s imagination, be it the bunny beige option for Easter or other playful designs. Made with 100% cotton, this dress promises to keep your little one cool and comfy during spring festivities or any sunny day out.

We also understand how crucial it is for children’s clothing to withstand frequent washes. So, this dress’s machine-washable feature is a big plus for us, saving time and effort on maintenance. Easy-care garments are life-savers for busy parents, after all.

However, we’ve taken note that some customers mention the dress sizes tend to be on the smaller side. Ensure you check the size chart thoroughly before making a purchase—it might save you the hassle of exchanging it later. And while cotton is soft and comfy, it can wrinkle, so keep your iron handy to keep this cute dress looking its best.

6. Arshiner Daisy Sundress

Girls Easter Dress6

We think the Arshiner Girls Sundress is an adorable and versatile addition to any girl’s spring and summer wardrobe.

✅ Vibrant floral design perfect for Easter

✅ Comfort of the pull-on closure

✅ Machine washable for easy care

❌ Only available in 100% polyester

Arshiner’s sundress offers a lovely floral pattern that would make any girl stand out at an Easter gathering or any spring event. The vibrancy of the design captures the essence of the season, and since it’s machine washable, you’ll find it equally practical for regular wear. Its pull-on closure means it’s a breeze for kids to put on and take off without a fuss.

The polyester fabric of this dress keeps it lightweight and resistant to wrinkles but may not offer the breathability of natural fibers like cotton. If you’re in a hurry, you might appreciate that it can be quickly freshened up with a machine wash, though you might need to pass over it with an iron for that crisp, picture-perfect look.

Lastly, while the Arshiner Girls Sundress shines in the warmth of spring and summer, it’s not the best pick for cooler times of the year without layering up. Its sleeveless design is fantastic for warm weather but less so when the temperature drops. However, in the right climate and season, we believe this dress will make a delightful choice for any cheerful occasion.

7. AGQT Flower Ball Gown

Girls Easter Dress7

We think this AGQT Floral Dress could be the highlight of your little girl’s spring wardrobe with its charming design and comfortable fit.

✅ Stylish off-shoulder design with rose prints adds a touch of elegance.

✅ Machine washable for easy care and maintenance.

✅ Positive feedback on fit and quality from customer reviews.

❌ Some find the material to be less premium than expected.

The AGQT Sweet Flower Girls Dress, with its elegant rose print and off-the-shoulder style, offers sophistication for children’s Easter attire. Made from 100% polyester, it’s easy to clean with machine washability. The dress features stone-coloured ribbons for a playful yet secure fit, though they may need reinforcement.

Despite some critiques about the fabric quality, the dress’s construction is solid, and it has been well-received for its fitting and special occasion suitability. However, fit and material quality may vary. This dress can add a touch of spring flair and royal confidence to a child’s wardrobe.

8. VIKITA Toddler Girl Dress

Girls Easter Dress8

If you’re on the lookout for a cute, comfortable dress for your little girl, this VIKITA dress might just be your pick with its appealing design and cotton comfort.

✅ Charming design that appeals to children

✅ Made of 100% cotton for comfort

✅ Easy to wear with a pull-on closure

❌ May run small or large, challenging to find the right fit

The VIKITA Toddler Girl Dress offers both comfort with its all-cotton fabric and style with vibrant, playful patterns, suitable for Easter and other occasions. Its long sleeves add versatility for different weather. Be mindful of sizing discrepancies as noted in some reviews, and consider checking the size chart carefully.

Maintenance is straightforward with machine washability, though gentle washing is advised to preserve its quality. This dress is a great blend of functionality and fun, making it an appealing choice for children’s festive attire.

9. Charming Kate Kasin Dress

Girls Easter Dress9

We think you’ll adore this dress for its playful charm and versatility for various occasions, including Easter celebrations.

✅ Vibrant vintage-inspired print

✅ Comfortable blend of cotton and spandex

✅ Easy to maintain with hand wash

❌ Belt may be absent at times

The Kate Kasin Girls Sleeveless Vintage Print Swing Party Dress combines whimsy and comfort with its soft, stretchy cotton-spandex blend, perfect for active celebrations. Its swing style offers a fun, twirl-worthy fit, though attention to the size chart is recommended as it may run large for some.

Easy to maintain with hand washing, this durable dress is designed for repeated wear. However, there have been instances of the belt being missing, so checking all components on arrival is advised. Despite this, the dress receives high praise and is a charming choice for Easter or other special occasions.

10. Hudson Baby Cotton Set

Girls Easter Dress10

We find the Hudson Baby Cotton Dress and Cardigan Set combines cuteness and comfort for your little girl, making it an excellent choice for Easter festivities.

✅ Made with 100% cotton for ultimate softness and comfort

✅ Versatile cardigan with snap closure for temperature changes

✅ High customer satisfaction with a 4.7-star rating

❌Only available up to 24 months size

When searching for the perfect Easter dress for a little girl, comfort is as important as the design. The Hudson Baby Cotton Dress and Cardigan Set promises both. The 100% cotton material ensures the dress feels soft against delicate skin. And for those cooler Easter mornings, the matching cardigan with convenient snap closures adds a layer of warmth without compromising style.

Customers often stress the importance of ease of use regarding children’s clothing. Fortunately, this set is machine washable for hassle-free care. Additionally, the dress’s pull-on closure simplifies dressing, a bonus for both parents and toddlers on busy days.

Relying on customer ratings can be a solid strategy when choosing a product. With thousands of positive reviews, this set is clearly a crowd-pleaser. Parents and gift-givers have noted its adorable pattern and have praised its great value for money.

11. Sunny Fashion Girls Sundress

Girls Easter Dress11

We believe this charming sundress is a splendid choice for any girl’s Easter celebration, thanks to its delightful blend of style and comfort.

✅ Made with 100% cotton, ensuring breathability and comfort

✅ Adorable rose flower and double bow tie design perfect for festive occasions

✅ Machine washable for easy care

❌ Thin fabric may require an undergarment or slip for proper coverage

The Sunny Fashion Girls Dress features a festive rose flower design with a double bow tie that makes it stand out for special occasions, like Easter. Its all-cotton fabric keeps little ones comfortable during springtime celebrations, a crucial factor for kids’ apparel.

Maintaining this dress is convenient; it’s machine washable, which means less hassle for busy parents. It allows for simple care, yet offers a stylish look that doesn’t sacrifice comfort. That said, the fabric’s lightness means there might be a bit of transparence, so considering an extra layer such as shorts or a slip is a practical idea.

One point to note is that before your little one twirls around in this darling piece, you might need to iron it to keep those flowers looking crisp. It’s also wise to be mindful of the sizing chart. A few reviewers mentioned that the dress runs small, so checking the measurements before purchasing is recommended to get that perfect fit for your Easter festivities.

12. Gymboree Sunshine Dress

Girls Easter Dress12

We believe the Gymboree Sunshine Dress is a great choice for those special occasions, with a focus on comfort and style.

✅ Charming design with special details

✅ Comfortable fabric that suits various occasions

✅ Positive feedback on fit and quality

❌ Can run snug, particularly under the arms

The Gymboree Sunshine Dress, with its 4.7-star rating, combines a delightful design with comfort, making it popular among buyers. While it generally fits well, some have noted it can be snug under the arms, an essential consideration for long-wear comfort.

A few buyers reported receiving dresses with stains, which is disappointing. Although ideal for special events, its unique design may limit its everyday use. Considering children’s rapid growth, weigh this against the investment. Despite minor issues, this dress can contribute to memorable moments with its style and grace.

13. Gymboree Pink Bunnies Skirtall

Girls Easter Dress13

We think this Gymboree dress is a fantastic choice for Easter with its charming design and comfortable fit.

✅ Adorable Easter-themed design

✅ Made from soft, 100% cotton fabric

✅ Easy to care for with machine wash compatibility

❌ Limited to one closure type

The Gymboree Girls’ Embroidered Sleeveless Skirtall Jumper, with its pink bunnies pattern, is a festive and memorable choice for Easter, perfect for celebrations and family photos. Made from pure cotton, it ensures comfort for kids during activities and is machine-washable for easy care.

Potential buyers should note the button closure and the price, which might be higher than some prefer. Due to its popularity, it’s advisable to purchase early to avoid it being out of stock, making it a charming and practical option for a joyous Easter.

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