19 Top Easter Gift for a 1 Year Old 2024: Great Picks for Your Toddler

Selecting an Easter gift for a 1-year-old that combines enjoyment with developmental progress is crucial. During this period of exploration, toys that promote motor skills and sensory development are perfect. Easter presents for young children must be secure, robust, and informative, while steering clear of classic candies.

Opt for colorful books, soft toys, and interactive items that stimulate curiosity and learning. Our guide focuses on safe, enriching, and entertaining gift options perfect for celebrating a 1-year-old’s Easter in a meaningful way.

Great Easter Gift for a 1 Year Old

1. NARRIO Suction Cup Spinners

Suction Cup Spinner Toys for 1 Year Old Baby

Encourages hand-eye coordination and concentration

Strong suction cups for varied play surfaces

Vibrant colors and spinning action to captivate a child's attention

Limited to smooth surfaces for optimal use

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06/09/2024 01:46 am GMT

The NARRIO spinning toys are ideal Easter gifts for 1-year-olds, blending fun with developmental benefits. Their vibrant colors and spinning action capture toddlers’ attention, enhancing their interest and learning. These toys are designed for versatility and can attach to high chair trays or bathroom tiles, providing enjoyable distractions during meals or baths. They also feature jingle bells for auditory stimulation.

However, the suction cups may not always adhere well to certain surfaces, and supervision is recommended due to small parts. Despite these points, these toys offer toddlers valuable entertainment and educational experiences.

2. Biscuit’s Easter

Biscuit's Pet & Play Easter: A Touch & Feel Book

✅ Engaging tactile experience for babies and toddlers

✅ Simple and enjoyable story involving a lovable canine character

✅ Durable board book format suitable for small hands

❌ Limited number of pages

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06/09/2024 03:31 am GMT

“Biscuit’s Easter” is a touch-and-feel book perfect for introducing young children to Easter traditions. Its textured pages stimulate tactile exploration alongside colorful illustrations, enhancing sensory development and fostering an early appreciation for reading. However, minor drawbacks include the story’s brevity and occasional issues with pages sticking together.

Additionally, its seasonal theme may limit its appeal post-Easter. Despite these considerations, it remains a charming choice for toddlers seeking a festive and interactive reading experience during the Easter season.

3. VTech Color Flashlight

VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight, Yellow

✅ Encourages learning with songs and phrases about animals, colors, and numbers

✅ Features a range of light colors that are safe and appealing for toddler

✅ Auto shut-off function saves battery life for extended playtime

❌ Sound level might be limited for noisy environments

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06/09/2024 03:46 am GMT

Finding the perfect Easter gift for a one-year-old can be challenging, but the VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight is tailored to captivate young minds. It’s a lively toy that combines education with fun, introducing little ones to the basics of colors and animals, coupled with a burst of enjoyable melodies.

Imagine the joy on a toddler’s face when they press the ladybug button and the flashlight springs to life, cycling through five gentle hues. Not only does it entertain, but it sparks curiosity and teaches numbers in a playful way that kids can easily grasp.

Despite its charm, be mindful that it’s not designed for the rough and tumble of outdoor play or to beam an intense light like a traditional flashlight. The VTech Color Flashlight is perfect for interactive indoor play, where its songs and sounds nurture learning in a gentle, engaging manner. Our little ones can enjoy a toy that enlightens in more ways than one, all while building crucial early development skills.

4. EDUJOY Wooden Shape Sorter

Wooden Shape Sorter Toys for Toddlers

Engages toddlers in imaginative play

Helps develop fine motor skills and coordination

All pieces can be stored inside the cart, making cleanup easy

❌ Pieces may be too small for younger toddlers

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06/09/2024 04:32 am GMT

The EDUJOY Wooden Shape Sorter is an educational and entertaining gift for 1-year-olds, featuring a wooden cart with shape-sorting slots, colorful blocks, and playful characters to enhance fine motor skills. Its sensory features, including bright fruit blocks and a harvest game, offer both learning and fun, making it a great Easter gift.

However, supervision is necessary due to smaller parts, and its size might be more suitable for older toddlers. This toy combines developmental benefits with playful elements, ensuring an engaging playtime experience, with the added convenience of easy storage for all components.

5. Toomies Hide & Squeak Eggs

Toomies Hide & Squeak Easter Eggs Toddler Toys

✅ Engages kids with fun sounds and vibrant colors

✅ Encourages learning of shapes and colors

✅ Convenient and easy to store or travel with

❌ Not suitable for children under 18 months

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06/09/2024 05:02 am GMT

Toomies Hide & Squeak Eggs offer a playful experience that combines the excitement of Easter egg hunting with the benefits of educational play. We appreciate how these toys captivate children’s attention with their bright colors and the delight of revealing the chicks inside the eggs. The chicks emit a cheeping sound when pressed, which will elicit giggles and smiles from your little ones.

It’s admirable how these eggs are designed to aid in developing important skills. We see how matching each chick with its corresponding shape and color in the carton could sharpen both cognitive and motor abilities. It seems sensible that such toys could help toddlers with their sensory and developmental growth.

Considering their compact size, the toys double as great travel companions to keep tots engaged on the go. Plus, they neatly store away in their own carton, making cleanup and organization a breeze. We value toys that are fun and functional in multiple settings, making them a great addition to any child’s collection.

6. Yiosion Musical Duck

Yiosion Musical Flapping Yellow Duck - Interactive Action Educational Learning

✅ Encourages sensory skills and motor development

✅ Provides engaging musical entertainment that's not overbearing for parents

✅ Durable, safe, and capable of withstanding toddler wear and tear

❌ Requires batteries, which could necessitate frequent replacements

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
06/07/2024 05:32 am GMT

The Yiosion Musical Flapping Yellow Duck is a suitable Easter gift for one-year-olds, offering educational benefits by nurturing sensory skills and imagination through its pleasant musical features and movement. Its durability and ability to motivate physical activity like crawling are key advantages.

However, its appeal may diminish as children grow, and it may not perform as well on carpeted surfaces. Additionally, the need for regular battery replacements adds an ongoing cost to its use.

7. HOLA Multicolored Trucks

6 PCs Toy Trucks Mini Car Toys

Encourages motor skill development and vehicle recognition

Safe and durable materials for young children

Suitable for a variety of play environments, indoor and outdoor

Smaller in size than some may expect

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
06/09/2024 04:46 am GMT

The HOLA Multicolored Trucks offer a playful learning experience for young children, fostering vehicle cognition and dexterity through interactive play. While their compact size is great for small hands, it may lead to unexpected expectations about their dimensions.

These durable, BPA-free toys with smooth edges are designed for safe toddler play. However, their small size and simplicity might limit their long-term appeal. Overall, these trucks provide a blend of fun and educational value, making them a suitable Easter gift for a one-year-old, provided their size meets your expectations.

8. KMUYSL Farm Toys

Educational Gift for Baby Toddler Boys Girls Age 12-18 Months

Engaging farm theme with multiple educational aspects

Made with child-safe materials for peace of mind

Appropriate size for little hands to manage easily

Limited to farm-related imaginative play

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
06/09/2024 07:48 am GMT

This toy set from KMUYSL is thoughtfully designed with a vibrant farm theme that can captivate a young child’s attention, and it’s more than just visually appealing. It’s a practical choice for nurturing early developmental skills, like fine motor functions and color recognition. The assortment of animals and barns encourages kids to sort, match, and count, which are foundational concepts in a child’s learning curve.

Safety is paramount when it comes to products for children, and this set delivers on that aspect. The materials are soft, odorless, and durable, ensuring that playtime remains worry-free. Additionally, the size of the animals and barns is ideal for one-year-olds to handle, making this set a fitting addition to their toy collection.

Crafted to inspire both solo and interactive play, these toys offer versatility. Little ones can play on their own, learning and exploring or with others, which helps develop social skills. Whether it’s a calm evening or a lively playdate, these little farm companions are sure to keep kids engaged and learning in the most enjoyable ways.

9. Easter Scribble Book

Easter Scribble Book for Toddlers

Encourages creativity with Easter-themed borders

Makes a lovely keepsake of your child's artwork

Safe and easy to handle for little ones

Limited to 80 pages, which may run out quickly

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
06/10/2024 04:19 pm GMT

Finding the ideal Easter gift for a one-year-old can be quite the egg-hunt. We want something that meets their developmental needs while still being fun. The Easter Scribble Book features blank pages framed with festive Easter ornaments for toddlers to doodle in. It’s designed to stimulate their imagination and help develop their fine motor skills as they grip crayons and scribble away.

Gifts for tiny tots should be durable and user-friendly. This lightweight drawing book has a sizeable layout, making it easier for small hands to manage. Plus, the novelty of a book helps introduce them to the concept of reading and art, making it both an entertaining and educational experience.

However, while the book is a hit with little ones who like to express themselves, it’s essential to remember that this is a paper-based product. Vigorous scribbling might lead to tears, and with only 80 pages to work with, you might need a replacement quite soon if your child takes a serious liking to their new art hobby. It’s also worth noting that there’s no narrative; it’s purely a scribble pad, so it won’t help with their listening or reading skills.

10. QINGQIU Wooden Easter Eggs

6 Pack Wooden Shakers Percussion Shake Easter Eggs for Toddlers

✅ Enhances rhythmic and motor skills

✅ Kid-friendly design and size

✅ Safe, non-toxic materials

❌ Potential choking hazard if broken

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
06/10/2024 05:48 pm GMT

The QINGQIU Wooden Shake Easter Eggs are designed for one-year-olds, combining festive symbolism with developmental benefits. Their egg shape and bright colors are ideal for small hands and visual engagement, while shaking them helps develop sensory skills and an understanding of cause and effect. However, potential breakage and the small beads inside pose safety risks, necessitating supervision.

Their Easter-themed novelty and the subtle sound might also limit their appeal post-holiday and for children who prefer louder toys. Despite these considerations, they offer a unique blend of holiday cheer and educational value, making them a thoughtful Easter gift with appropriate oversight.

11. AOJOYS Carrot Puzzle

Montessori Toys for Toddlers

Enhances fine motor skills and cognitive development

Made with safe, non-toxic materials for worry-free playtime

Acts as a fun, educational tool that grows with your child

Could be challenging for the youngest toddlers to sort sizes accurately

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
06/07/2024 11:35 am GMT

The AOJOYS Carrot Puzzle taps into little ones’ inherent curiosity by offering a hands-on experience that melds fun with fundamental learning. Each hand-sized, wooden carrot is designed to fit into a specific slot, presenting a challenge that naturally develops sorting skills while improving dexterity.

Wooden toys like this have a timeless appeal, and this montessori-inspired puzzle is no exception. It’s made from natural materials and painted with non-toxic, water-based paint, ensuring it’s safe for teething toddlers who tend to taste everything. This simple yet effective toy invites toddlers to explore concepts of shape and size through tactile play.

Gift-giving can sometimes feel mechanical, but this educational puzzle comes with the added benefit of sparking joy and discovery in a toddler’s daily routine. It’s especially fitting for Easter, with its spring-themed design. While older children might master it quickly, it remains a valuable tool for learning and enjoyment for little ones growing into more complex tasks.

12. BeAndge Baby Car Toys

Baby Girl Car Toys, Babies

✅ Engaging design with cartoon-like cars that capture a baby's interest

✅ Safety-focused with non-toxic materials and suitable for gripping

✅ Self-propelled for exciting play without the need for batteries

❌ Possible durability concerns with parts that could break off

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
06/07/2024 12:31 pm GMT

The BeAndge Baby Car Toys bundle offers engaging designs and sounds to stimulate a child’s senses and develop fine motor skills with easy-to-grasp features. The non-toxic materials and 18-month protection ensure safety and durability.

Despite some concerns about parts breaking and the age suitability, these toys provide a fun and educational play experience for toddlers, making them a suitable Easter gift. However, the set’s size and variety may limit their appeal. Overall, these toy cars are a safe and entertaining option for encouraging developmental progress.

13. JoFAN Musical Egg Shakers

6 Pack Wooden Percussion Musical Shake Easter Egg

Encourages rhythm and sensory development

Non-toxic and child-safe materials

Suitable size for tiny hands

Limited educational value

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
06/07/2024 11:46 am GMT

At one year old, children are just starting to explore the world through touch and sound. The JoFAN Musical Egg Shakers provide a harmless way for toddlers to develop their sense of rhythm. As they shake these colorful eggs, the little black beads inside create a pleasant sound that is sure to captivate young ones.

These shakers are also a safe choice, crafted with high-quality wood and non-toxic paint. Parents can rest easy knowing that their child is playing with a product that puts their well-being first. Additionally, the egg shakers come in various bright colors, making them visually stimulating for toddlers.

While the shakers promote audio and tactile stimulation, it’s important not to overlook the fact that these are, fundamentally, simple toys. Each egg’s sound is the same, which might not hold a child’s attention in the long run. Additionally, if the shakers were to break, this could pose a choking hazard, thus supervision is key. Despite this, we believe the JoFAN Musical Egg Shakers have much to offer as an entertaining and developmental Easter gift.

14. Pink Crawling Crab Toy

We think you’ll love this whimsical Pink Crawling Crab toy that’s designed to encourage your little one’s mobility with its engaging moves and sounds.

The Pink Crawling Crab offers a unique and engaging play experience for one-year-olds, promoting physical development as they chase its realistic sideways movement. Its sounds, music, and lights can make tummy time more enjoyable, aiding in muscle strengthening.

However, the constant lively tunes may become overwhelming for adults, and its performance may be hindered on carpeted floors. Despite these considerations, the toy’s developmental benefits make it an excellent Easter gift for babies, especially those with access to hard flooring.

15. Little Bunny Finger Puppet Book

Easter Gift for a 1 Year Old 16

We think the Little Bunny Finger Puppet Book is an adorable and interactive Easter gift for a one-year-old that will capture their imagination and attention.

✅ Engaging with a finger puppet for sensory play

✅ Durable board book designed for little hands

✅ Bright and cheerful illustrations

❌ Smaller dimensions than expected

Easter baskets often brim with treats and toys for little ones, but it’s hard to find items both safe for a one-year-old and engaging enough to hold their attention. This finger puppet board book is a charming choice, bringing a tale to life as parents and children interact with the little bunny character built into the book. The simplicity of play and the tactile experience can provide not only a delighted response from a young child but also encourage a love for books early on.

While the compact size makes it easy for tiny hands to hold, some adults might be surprised by its scale upon first opening the package. The size nonetheless makes it a lovely addition to a toddler’s library, not occupying too much space and easy to tote around. It’s good for storytime snuggles and can withstand a bit of toddler wear and tear.

However, some might find the narrative straightforward, lacking verbosity which can be a minus for those who favor a more complex or longer storytime. Additionally, while little fingers will fit perfectly into the puppet, adults with larger hands might struggle a bit to animate the bunny. This does not take away from children’s joy and interaction with the book, making the Little Bunny Finger Puppet Book a beautiful little gem for a one-year-old’s Easter gift.

17. JUNBESTN Egg-stra Special Matching Toy

Easter Gift for a 1 Year Old 17

We think this JUNBESTN Matching Eggs toy is a thoughtful choice for little ones, combining fun with foundational learning opportunities.

✅ Enhances fine motor skills and color/shape recognition

✅ Durable, child-safe materials designed for little hands

✅ Encourages independent play and problem-solving

❌ Might be challenging for some toddlers to separate the eggs

These JUNBESTN Matching Eggs offer a playful way for toddlers to get to grips with learning essential skills. While engaging with the toy, little ones can develop their fine motor skills. The satisfying ‘click’ of each egg as it opens to reveal delightful shapes provides immediate sensory feedback, and you can practically see the gears turning in their heads as they match each shape.

At times, we all worry about the staying power of toddler toys, but these eggs are pleasantly robust. The range of colors and shapes also gives a wonderful opportunity to introduce these basic concepts during playtime. What’s more, their size is ideal for small palms, making manipulation of the eggs easy for young children that are developing coordination.

While the toy is rated highly for educational value and durability, supervision is a bright idea to ensure the playtime remains safe and the eggs aren’t mistaken for a snack. Also, being recommended for children 3 and up, they may not be the perfect fit for every 1-year-old, particularly if they are still in the stage of putting everything into their mouths. In addition, it’s worth mentioning that some toddlers may find it a tad tricky to pull the eggs apart on their own, so a little help from us might be needed occasionally.

18. VATOS Nesting Easter Eggs

Easter Gift for a 1 Year Old 18

We think this playful set is a great pick for enhancing motor skills and providing educational fun for little ones.

✅ Encourages role-play and cognitive development

✅ Made with child-safe, non-toxic materials

✅ Charming chick-themed design appeals to young children

❌ Pieces may not stay securely connected

This VATOS Easter toy charms with its cute chicken family design and nested eggs concept, promising to catch a toddler’s eye. It’s designed to teach kids about colors and sizes, while also sharpening their fine motor skills through stacking and sorting. The toy’s non-toxic, BPA-free plastic construction means you can rest easy about safety when it’s in little hands.

However, despite the perks, some reviews suggest that the eggs might not fit together as tightly as hoped. If the pieces come apart too easily during play, this could lead to frustration. Yet, this drawback might also serve as an accidental lesson in problem-solving as children figure out how to keep them stacked.

We appreciate that VATOS has crafted a toy that’s not only fun but educational, aligning playtime with developmental milestones. Even with the minor concerns over piece connectivity, the VATOS Nesting Easter Eggs toy stands out as a creative and colorful gift to hide in a one-year-old’s Easter basket.

19. One, Two, PEEP!

Easter Gift for a 1 Year Old 19

We think this book makes a delightful Easter gift for little ones, as it combines storytime with interactive play.

✅ Engages tots with a built-in finger puppet

✅ Encourages interaction and bonding during reading

✅ Colorful and durable for young children

❌ Puppet may be too small for some adult fingers

The joy of storytelling pairs beautifully with playful activity in “One, Two, PEEP!”, a Finger Puppet Book. It’s constructed to last through the rough handling of a one-year-old, thanks to its sturdy board pages. This book can spark an early love for reading, as the colorful visuals and an adorable Peeps puppet keep your child entertained while enhancing their sensory development.

Gift-giving for the Easter season gets a charming twist with this book. It’s more than just a read; it’s an experience. The dexterity needed to manipulate the finger puppet may also assist in a child’s motor skills growth. It’s a simplistic yet effective addition to a toddler’s library, inviting both little ones and adults to share in the fun.

However, it’s not without its limitations. The book is brief, which is quite appropriate for the age group but might leave you flipping back to the start sooner than you prefer. Also, while the puppet adds allure, reports suggest it may not fit snugly on all fingers, something to keep in mind for those with larger hands. Despite these small hiccups, “One, Two, PEEP!” captures the essence of Easter fun and is a cute festive choice for the little ones in your life.

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