Super Bowl Drinking Game 2024: Cheers to Touchdowns and Timeouts!

I’ve conducted thorough research to present to you the ultimate Super Bowl drinking game, designed to amplify the enjoyment of your game day party. This game elevates the viewing pleasure through playful rules connected to live events, including the halftime show and commercials during the game.

It’s designed to be simple and adaptable, ensuring everyone enjoys it responsibly. As we immerse in the camaraderie of Super Bowl Sunday, let’s not forget the importance of safety and responsible enjoyment.

Rules of the Game

Rules of the Game-Super Bowl Drinking Game

In our Super Bowl Drinking Game, we follow specific rules that enhance the fun while keeping things in check. Remember to drink responsibly and ensure everyone participating is of legal drinking age.

Drink Types

We categorize our drinks into three types: sips, gulps, and finishes. Sips are small drinks, gulps are larger, and when we say finish your drink, you should finish whatever’s left in your glass.

Game Start

At kickoff, we each take a celebratory gulp to start the game. We’ll also take a sip every time there’s a mention of a historic Super Bowl moment or stats are presented.

Scoring Plays

Whenever a touchdown is scored, we take a gulp, and for every field goal, we take a sip. In the event of a safety, we mix things up by finishing our drinks to acknowledge the rarity of such a play.

Halftime Show

The halftime show is a big deal, so when the performer(s) hit the stage, we take a sip at the beginning and end of the performance. If there’s a surprise guest, that calls for an additional gulp!


Super Bowl commercials are iconic. We have fun by taking a sip for every celebrity appearance or whenever an animal is the main feature of the ad.

Penalties and Timeouts

To stay engaged even during the delays, we take a sip for every penalty flag thrown and for each timeout called. It keeps us on our toes and adds an unexpected element to the game.

Remember, the most important rule is to stay safe and enjoy the game. Cheers to a fun and memorable Super Bowl experience!

Equipment Needed

Equipment Needed-Super Bowl Drinking Game

Before we start the fun, we want to ensure that we have all the necessary equipment ready. Our Super Bowl Drinking Game requires a variety of beverages and some essential accessories to keep the game running smoothly.


We’ll need an assortment of drinks for the duration of the game. It’s important to include:

  • Non-alcoholic options: Water, soda, and juice.
  • Alcoholic beverages: Beer, wine, and spirits of your choice.

Check out the Super Bowl LVII Drinking Game 2023 for details on what type of beverages best suit the game’s rules.

Cups and Accessories

Next, let’s gather our cups and accessories:

  • Cups: Plastic or glass, depending on preference.
  • Shot glasses: For those precise moments in the game rules.

It’s crucial to have everything in place so no one misses out on any action. For a detailed list of game gear and rules, refer to the guide on how to play at

Setting Up the Game

Setting Up the Game-Super Bowl Drinking Game

When we’re ready to add some excitement to our Super Bowl party, a drinking game can be just what we need to get everyone in the spirit. Here’s how we can set up our game to ensure everyone has a blast.

Materials Needed:

  • A list of game rules
  • Drinks for participants
  • A television set to watch the Super Bowl
  • Optional: props like footballs or team gear


  1. Coordinate with Guests: Prior to the event, we should communicate with our friends to decide on the game’s rules. We can even consider customizing rules based on what we all find most entertaining.
  2. Prepare the Drinks: We need to be stocked with various drinks. This includes non-alcoholic options for those who prefer it or for a much-needed halftime hydration break.
  3. Set the Scene: Arrange the viewing area so everyone can see the TV and has easy access to their beverages.
  4. Explain the Rules: Right before kickoff, we’ll go over the rules so that everyone knows when to take a sip or finish their drink. This might involve taking a drink when the offensive team gets a first down, or when a specific commercial comes on.
  5. Start Simple: We should kick off with basic rules and then add more if we feel like it’s needed. The idea is to keep things fun and safe.

Remember, the goal is for everyone to have fun and stay safe, so we always keep an eye on our friends to make sure no one is overdoing it. Now, let’s get ready to raise our glasses for every touchdown!

Safety and Responsibility

Safety and Responsibility-Super Bowl Drinking Game

When we organize a Super Bowl drinking game, it’s crucial that we prioritize safety and responsibility. We’re here to ensure that everyone has fun, but more importantly, that they stay safe.

Designated Drivers

  • Planning Ahead: Before the game starts, we make sure to identify who the designated drivers are going to be. These are the MVPs who commit to not drinking alcohol during the event and are responsible for ensuring everyone gets home safely.
  • Acknowledgment: We express our gratitude to the designated drivers, often by having non-alcoholic treats just for them or even small thank you gifts as a token of appreciation.

Alcohol-Free Options

  • Inclusive Fun: Just because it’s a drinking game doesn’t mean we exclude non-drinkers. We always provide a variety of alcohol-free beverages, like sodas, mocktails, and water, so everyone can participate.
  • Game Adaptation: Those who prefer not to drink alcohol can still join in the fun. We adapt the rules for them; for instance, taking a sip means enjoying a bite of a snack instead of an alcoholic drink.

Variations and Adaptations

Variations and Adaptations-Super Bowl Drinking Game

When we adapt a Super Bowl drinking game, we breathe new life into an already thrilling event, tailoring the experience to fit our crowd perfectly. These variations should ensure everyone at your party can participate and enjoy the game, no matter their preferences.

Team-Based Versions

We can get the competitive spirit soaring with team-based versions of Super Bowl drinking games. Each of us picks a team, and whenever that team scores, makes a big play, or wins a challenge, the opposing team takes a sip. This adds an extra layer of excitement since our fortunes in the game are directly tied to the performance of the teams on the screen. To make things more interesting, assign different drinks to specific in-game actions. For example:

  • Touchdown: Chug your drink for five seconds.
  • Field goal: Take a sip.
  • Turnover: Take a shot.

Non-Alcoholic Versions

For those of us who prefer to stay sober or have minors participating, there are plenty of non-alcoholic versions of Super Bowl drinking games that keep the fun intact. We substitute alcohol with beverages like soft drinks, water, or mocktails, ensuring that the spirit of the game still thrives without actual spirits. An example rule could be to take a gulp of soda every time a certain ad runs or when a commentator uses a commonly repeated catchphrase. It’s about being inclusive while staying invested in every aspect of the Super Bowl experience.

End of Game Procedures

End of Game Procedures-Super Bowl Drinking Game

When we reach the final whistle of the Super Bowl, it’s time to wrap up our drinking game with some end-of-game procedures to ensure that everyone winds down safely and responsibly. Here’s what we’ll do:

  1. Tally Scores:
    • First, let’s tally up the scores based on our game rules. Whoever has the lowest score may have some light-hearted consequences, like taking one last sip or doing a fun dare.
  2. Clean Up:
    • We’ll clean our area. Pick up bottles, cups, and any trash to keep our space tidy.
  3. Drink Water:
    • It’s important to hydrate. Let’s make sure to chase down the fun with a glass or two of water.
  4. Safe Rides Home:
    • If anyone is not staying over, we need to arrange safe rides home. Whether it’s a designated driver, taxi, or a ride-sharing service, safety is our top priority.
  5. Reflect on the Fun:
    • Finally, let’s reflect on the highlights of the game and our favorite moments from our drinking game. Sharing these memories can be a wonderful way to close out the evening.

Remember, the goal of our drinking game is to have fun and enhance our Super Bowl experience. When the game ends, we want everyone to feel like they had a good time and that they’re getting home safely. Thanks for playing along with us! Now, let’s start planning for next year’s game!

FAQ – Super Bowl Drinking Game

What Is a Super Bowl Drinking Game?

A Super Bowl drinking game is a fun way to engage with the football game by taking a drink according to specific rules or triggers, like a team scoring, specific plays, or occurrences during the game or commercials.

How Do You Play a Super Bowl Drinking Game?

Set up rules where players take a drink for certain events during the game, such as touchdowns, penalties, or specific phrases said by commentators. The key is to drink responsibly and have fun.

What Are Some Common Rules for Super Bowl Drinking Games?

Common rules include taking a sip when there’s a touchdown, field goal, penalty, or mention of a player’s nickname. You can also include actions related to commercials or halftime show performances.

Can Super Bowl Drinking Games Be Played in a Group?

Yes, these games can be a lot of fun in a group setting. Make sure everyone understands the rules and participates at their own comfort level.

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