15 Beautiful Valentine’s Day Wreaths 2024: My Personal Picks

This Valentine’s Day, enhance your home with the allure of our specially curated Valentine’s Day wreaths. Our team has dedicated numerous hours to exploring and evaluating different wreath styles to present you with the most attractive, long-lasting, and celebratory choices on the market.

Our top picks allow you to add a romantic and welcoming touch to your home or office. These Valentine’s Day wreaths are visually stunning and crafted to capture the essence of love and celebration.

Explore our favorite Valentine’s Day wreaths now and choose the perfect one to enhance your holiday decor and express your unique style and creativity.

1. Comken Buffalo Plaid Heart Wreath

Burlap Buffalo Plaid Heart Shaped Door Wreath with Bow

✅ Unique buffalo plaid design that stands out

✅ Lightweight and easy to hang, wherever you choose

✅ Versatile for many occasions, especially Valentine's Day

❌ Limited to indoor or sheltered outdoor use

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The Comken Buffalo Plaid Heart Wreath instantly added rustic charm and a festive touch to my front door. It’s lightweight and easy to hang, and I’ve received plenty of compliments from neighbors.

I also tried it indoors above the fireplace, and it continued to impress with its versatile style. It’s likely to be the centerpiece of my Valentine’s Day decorations this year.

This wreath seems durable and suitable for farmhouse-style decor, but it may not blend well with modern or minimalist styles. Nonetheless, it brought a romantic atmosphere to my home, and the buffalo plaid pattern is a timeless touch for the season of love.

2. Siawoy Valentine’s Wreath

Valentines Day Wreath Decor for Home Outdoor Outside

✅ Evokes that warm, Valentine's vibe with its sweet candy heart theme

✅ Versatile enough to prettify any space, be it your wall, door, or window

✅ Made with sturdy materials giving it a quality feel and durability

❌ With a delicate fishnet yarn composition, cautious handling is needed

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
06/05/2024 12:31 pm GMT

The Siawoy Valentine’s Wreath instantly brought a loving vibe with its pink and red hues and cute candy heart accents. It made my front door stand out, and neighbors asked where to get one.

Thanks to the sturdy design, hanging it was easy, and the wooden sign stayed securely in place. I did spend some time reshaping it upon arrival, as it looked a bit compressed in the packaging, but with patience, it fluffed up nicely. Just handle the fishnet yarn with care.

I’m excited to have this welcoming piece as part of my Valentine’s Day celebration.

3. Idyllic Heart Wreath

Handmade Red Berry Leaves Heart Shaped Wreath

✅ Stunningly vibrant and full of life, even at a distance

✅ Surprisingly durable with a posable wire core beneath each berry

✅ Versatile enough for both indoor and romantic wedding themed decorations

❌Shape may require some adjustment after unpacking to achieve the perfect heart

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The wreath’s rich colors and full design instantly caught my eye, and it looked perfect on my front door for Valentine’s Day.

It felt sturdy and flexible when I handled it, and I was able to shape it to my liking.

When I hung it up, it complemented my porch well, and its appearance impressed both up close and from afar.

Lastly, its versatility makes it a great addition to various settings, whether you’re decorating your living room or creating a romantic atmosphere for a special occasion.

4. VioletEverGarden Love Wreath

Valentines Day Door Wreath with White Pink Red Tulip Berry and Green Leaf

✅ Charming and well-constructed, adding a pop of color and love to any spot

✅ Just the right size for versatility in decorating indoors or outdoors

✅ Crafted with heart-shaped accents that enrich its valentine theme

❌ May not endure the harshest outdoor conditions

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
06/05/2024 01:01 pm GMT

Hanging the VioletEverGarden Love Wreath on my door added a festive touch with its red and pink tulips, berries, and heart-shaped adornments.

The wreath’s size was just right, suitable for various settings, from the front door to the Valentine’s dinner table.

When I took it out of the packaging, some fluffing was required, but it quickly regained its full, blooming appearance. Remember that if used outdoors, it might need shelter from extreme weather.

Overall, it’s a lovely find that, with care, should last for multiple seasons of love.

5. Comken Heart Wreath

Burlap Heart Shaped Door Wreath with Buffalo Plaid Bows

✅ Original, eye-catching design that garners compliments

✅ Durable and well-made with various layers of burlap.

✅ Versatile size for easy placement anywhere

❌ Limited in color variation

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
06/05/2024 01:50 pm GMT

Welcoming guests with the Comken Heart Wreath has been a joy this Valentine’s season. The soft burlap and bold buffalo plaid bows create a rustic yet sophisticated look. It’s easy to hang and stays in place without damaging the door.

The wreath’s perfect size draws attention without overwhelming, making it a focal point for visitors. It’s durable and has survived heavy storms, but some care is needed to maintain its fresh appearance. Overall, I’m thrilled with this purchase, and it’s clear this wreath will be a staple of my Valentine’s decor for years.

6. Colovis Valentine’s Wreath

16.5" Heart Shaped Wreath for Front Door Valentines Door Wreath with Red Berry

✅ Creates a warm ambiance with the LED lights

✅ Beautiful design that looks stunning both indoors and out

✅ Effortless installation with the provided non-marking hook

❌ Batteries not included for the LED lights

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The Colovis Valentine’s Wreath transformed my entryway into a festive haven with its lush red berries and elegant wine-red bows. In the evening, the LED lights create a romantic atmosphere, though you’ll need AA batteries as they are omitted.

Handling the wreath requires a bit of care to ensure proper light connection, but the results are heartwarming. It’s best suited for indoor use to maintain its vibrant look. Mine looks fantastic on the interior side of my front door and is a delightful conversation starter. If you want to infuse your home with extra love this Valentine’s Day, consider adding this Colovis wreath to your space!

7.Valentine’s Day Wreath with Lights

Valentine's Day Wreath Decoration with 20 Red LED Lights Wood Hearts

✅ The vibrant berry and heart accents create a festive and loving atmosphere.

✅ Integrated timer for the LED lights is super convenient, adding a warm glow without hassle.

✅ Lightweight composition allows for easy hanging without strain on my door.

❌ The battery compartment can be fiddly, taking a moment to get the cover off and batteries in.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
06/05/2024 02:16 pm GMT

With its festive mix of red and pink hues, the eye-catching wreath immediately infuses a romantic ambiance into my entryway and becomes the centerpiece of my Valentine’s Day decor. It features 20 red LED lights that create a magical sparkle in the evening.

During the day, the different-sized love berry ornaments catch the sunlight, creating a glittering effect. The wreath’s thoughtful details give my door a fun and whimsical touch, and I appreciate the effort to blend different textures and shades.

I spent a moment arranging the twigs and fluffing it up to showcase its full glory, but once I did, the wreath held its shape admirably. This battery-operated piece is conveniently placed anywhere, and the timer function simplifies the holiday setup.

While the battery compartment can be a bit challenging to open, once conquered, the twinkling lights work flawlessly. Some spots on the wreath may require minor DIY fixes for perfection.

Overall, the TURNMEON wreath has been a delightful addition to my Valentine’s Day decorations, exuding warmth and vibrancy that welcome the season of love.

8. Yawwind Valentine Wreath

Valentines Day Wreaths for Front Door 20 Inch

✅ Bursting with bright red tulips symbolizing deep love and adoration

✅ Brings a delightful sense of joy, transforming any entrance into an embracing space

✅ Crafted with an inviting symmetry that provides a charming welcome

❌ Due to its delicate nature, best used indoors or in a well-protected outdoor area

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
06/05/2024 02:31 pm GMT

Unboxing this wreath immediately added a touch of romance to my entryway, setting the perfect tone for Valentine’s Day with its vibrant red and pink tulips. Hanging it felt like crafting an atmosphere of celebration for my doorway, and the lightweight foam base made it effortless.

This statement piece strikes an elegant balance between festivity and sophistication with exquisite silk flowers. Its colors stand out brilliantly during the day and become a subtle reminder of the season’s charm in the evening. It’s received compliments for enhancing my Valentine’s Day decor and promises to last through many seasons, rekindling the joy and romance of this special time of year.

9. Bibelot Glitter Heart Wreath

Valentines Day Red Pink Glitter Heart Wreath for Front Door and Home

✅ The glittery hearts catch the light beautifully, creating a festive sparkle.

✅ At 18 inches, it's the perfect size for a noticeable yet tasteful door adornment.

✅ Versatile enough for both Valentine's Day and wedding celebrations.

❌ Glitter tends to shed a bit, which can be a nuisance to clean up.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
06/05/2024 02:46 pm GMT

Hanging the Bibelot Glitter Heart Wreath on my front door immediately injected a festive cheer with vibrant reds and sparkling glitter. Crafted with attention to detail, it featured a mix of heart shapes and sizes, creating a beautiful sight for Valentine’s Day.

The 18-inch size was perfect for the space, and it garnered compliments from neighbors and visitors alike. It’s eye-catching without being overwhelming, which suits my seasonal décor goals. However, some glitter fallout was easily managed with a quick sweep.

The wreath regained its full-bodied look after fluffing the hearts that got compressed during shipping. It’s best kept under the porch to shield it from the weather, a small compromise for the beauty it adds to Valentine’s Day celebrations. For anyone wanting to elevate their holiday or wedding decor, this wreath combines elegance and fun seamlessly.

10. Idyllic Valentines Wreath

XOXO Heart Red and Pink Wreat for Indoor and Outdoor

✅ Vibrant colors that really pop and make the entryway stand out

✅ Versatile look, perfect for Valentine's Day or a romantic setting like a wedding

✅ Feels sturdy and well-crafted, maintaining its shape nicely

❌ Best used indoors or in covered outdoor areas to preserve its look

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
06/05/2024 03:01 pm GMT

I just decorated my door with the Idyllic Valentines Wreath, and the splash of romantic red and pink hues instantly perked up the ambiance. The touch of the XOXO sign whisked in a playful charm is perfect for the season of love.

Setting it up was a breeze, and it held on firmly, which was a relief since I didn’t want to keep adjusting it. The blend of ‘I LOVE YOU’ ribbons with the heart shapes intertwine to craft an unmistakable message — love is in the air.

This wreath strikes a lovely balance between charming design and lasting build. Having used it at a recent party, it withstood the buzz of guests, and several even asked where I got such a delightful decor piece. If you want to elevate your Valentine’s Day decor, the Idyllic Valentine’s Wreath is a winner in my book.

11. J’FLORU Valentine’s Day Wreath

20 Inch Valentine's Day Wreath with Pink Red Hearts and Berries

✅ Brings a festive romance to any space

✅ Durable materials ensure long-lasting display

✅ No fuss setup, ready to shine right away

❌ Only available in one size

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
06/05/2024 03:17 pm GMT

The wreath’s playful mix of pink and red hues immediately caught my eye, brightening up my doorway with just the right splash of Valentine’s spirit. Its foam hearts and green leaves, artfully arranged on a grapevine base, have consistently charmed my neighbors, and many have inquired where I found such a darling piece.

Admittedly, I was a bit hesitant that the foam and plastic elements might appear cheap, but I couldn’t have been more wrong—the materials are high quality, and they translate into a very premium feel that’s holding up fantastically against the hustle and bustle of my busy household.

What I find particularly enchanting about this J’FLORU wreath is its versatility. While it serves as a picturesque greeting on my front door, I can easily envision it as a delightful centerpiece for a Valentine’s Day gathering or as a thoughtful gift that would surely elicit a smile from anyone special.

12. Charming Heart Wreath

15” Heart Shaped Wreath with Red Berries and Small Pink Hearts

✅ Adds a lovely pop of color to any space, brightening up my home instantly.

✅ The craftmanship is impressive—very well-made, with each berry firmly attached.

✅ It's the right size to be noticeable but not overwhelming, fitting perfectly on my door

❌ Required some fluffing and rearranging upon arrival to look its best.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
06/05/2024 04:00 pm GMT

From the moment I placed this heart-shaped wreath on my front door, it became clear that my home now had a slice of Valentine’s charm. Crafted with an artist’s touch, the red, white, and pink tones catch every passerby’s glance, evoking smiles and warmth despite the chilly February breeze.

Indoors or out, this wreath is versatile. It carried a festive spirit and was a welcoming symbol of love at my recent Valentine’s dinner. Guests couldn’t help but admire the delicate heart motifs that are tenderly woven among the berries.

Another reason I’m keen on this wreath is its convenience. It’s light enough to hang with ease but sturdy enough to withstand the elements. There will be no drooping or fading, just continuous, heartfelt beauty greeting me every day.

13. Cheerful Berry Wreath

Artificial Valentine's Day Wreath for Front Door with Pink Red Berry

✅ Handmade, with a rich blend of pink and red hues that scream Valentine's Day cheer

✅ Sturdy grapevine base confirms it'll last beyond just one season of love.

✅ Perfect size to make a statement on the door or as a piece of wall decor.

❌ A bit of fluffing is necessary after unpacking to achieve that full, lively look.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
06/05/2024 04:16 pm GMT

The decorative wreath I added to my entryway for Valentine’s Day truly brightened my space. Its full, abundant berries in shades of pink and red caught the eye of passersby, garnering compliments from neighbors. The handmade aspect added a personalized touch to my decor.

Even after weeks on my front door, the wreath held up beautifully, with no withering or loss of color. Its substantial size made it noticeable without being overpowering.

While I expected to spend time reshaping the wreath post-delivery, it only took a few minutes to make it look lush and inviting. Although I needed to keep it away from harsh elements, its striking beauty indoors made up for any initial disappointment.

14. Charming Burlap Heart Wreath

Farmhouse Burlap Heart Shaped Wreath with Buffalo Plaid Bow

✅ Adds a warm, farmhouse touch to any space

✅ Durable and well-crafted design

✅ Easy to hang with the attached hemp rope

❌ Limited size options

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

My latest find, a delightful burlap Valentine’s wreath, has added a homely touch to my decor. Its earthy tones and subtle red and black accents blend seamlessly into my farmhouse-themed living space. The classic plaid bow catches the eye without overwhelming the room’s existing decor.

I appreciate the wreath’s rustic charm, which brings a warm and welcoming feel to my front door. The burlap’s quality and felt construction assure me of its durability beyond a single season. Its sturdiness means it can withstand the hustle and bustle of my busy entryway.

What’s great is how easy it is to display. Whether I’m changing decorations on a whim or preparing for a last-minute Valentine’s Day gathering, the included rope makes hanging a breeze. While it complements my door beautifully, it could easily adorn a wall or window.

However, it’s important to note that this wreath may not suit a sleek, modern aesthetic, and those looking for a larger statement piece might find its size a bit small. I’ll also be keeping an eye on potential fraying of the burlap fabric over time.

In the end, this heart-shaped wreath brings a sense of contentment to my decor, reflecting the season’s warmth. It’s more than just a decoration; it’s a symbol of homey, heartfelt celebration.

15. Lotus Hills Retro Heart Wreath

18inch Retro Heart Wreath Valentines Day Decor

✅ Adds a vibrant touch of love to any space

✅ Interchangeable 'welcome' sign adds versatility

✅ Sturdy wooden and foam construction for durability

❌ Welcome' sign arrives unpainted, requiring a bit of DIY

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

This charming Lotus Hills Retro Heart Wreath has turned my front door into Valentine’s Central! Its wooden hearts, plush berries, and a quaint ‘Welcome’ sign make it a noticeable addition to my entryway. The detachable welcome sign allows for easy style changes, keeping the vibes fresh.

The robust wood and foam construction promises longevity, and after a gentle fluff, it’s vivid colors and full-bodied appearance are heartwarming! However, be prepared to add some color to the ‘welcome’ sign if you want an immediate splash of brightness. Additionally, it may require some gentle shaping to reach its full size initially. Lastly, consider the size carefully, as it might look less grand on larger doors.

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